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The Bible Extract - A rally of Contradictions

Sustain Biosphere Series Book 1
[ A genuine classic in history -
- revealing great hidden secrets]
The Bible Extract
a Rally of
Relevant Contradictions to Traditions, and the World History
 based on
Crude Extract of Bible Scripture.
A Journey from Faith to the World of Real History!
In the heartily loving memory of all the souls, who lived on earth with an ardent faith, seeking and wandering with despair, for the magnificent heaven over the solid vault dome sky
   Thomas M.K.
The Bible Extract
a Rally of Contradictions to Traditions and the World History
History / Religion
Thomas M.K.
Kuravilangad P.O.
India PIN 686633
Published by the Author
Publication Sustain Biosphere Publications
Sustain Biosphere Series Book 1 (Thamogunam)
First edition October 2007
First edition print April 2010
Printed in India by the publisher
© Copy Right Author
All Rights reserved
 This book contains findings valid more than any amount of money. It is not sold for a price of the findings but service charges.
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ISBN 978-81-7525-900-3
Big titles inside
Introduction 12
Part 1
Old Testament the old world history 21
New Testament the middle world history 210
Epistles of Paul the modern world history 311
Part 2
Grand Summary 361
New Testament - comparison 373
Jesus did not die on gallows the cross 465
Starting of the Neo Testament - Epistle of Paul 488

Religious view
Testaments, covenants, and offerings in the Bible. 501
Part 3
Furtherhistory 517
Early nature and environment 527
Aryans invaded India 4500 years ago and after 528
Re-search, the method of purification of knowledge 530
Prophecies from Mahabharatham 536
Yugams calendar of time. 537
The Kali calendar of history. 537
Conclusion 545
This book is not meant for people with only “faith”,
 “believers” for livelihood, violent believers & fanatics.
It is only meant for logically free thinking truth seekers,
historians, researchers, philosophers and ideologists.
 This book is a guidance to read original Bible as it is;
it leads through secrets hidden to the whole world.
This is the first, unique and wonderful book,
that leads to answers to the innumerable relevant questions left unanswered through the past
about modern world history, systems and beliefs.
This is a great rally of contradictions upholding
crude extract of Bible scripture.
Each member points contradiction. The last members
point as Bible is the fossil of the world history
carried and kept sacredly by blind believers
for corrections of the future.
The Bible forms the main frame work upon which the world history for the last five thousand years is established; by cross referencing and linking, Bible as a whole with the world history, in the manner of logical flow of facts, along with circumstantial evidence forms the main frame work.
The unique interpretations fit in the whole parts.
Read the Bible in its real sense without pre-assumptions, without adding and avoiding anything, but as it is, it has a flow of real history. Systems of, property ownership, government, judiciary, wars, most —’isms, party-democracy, modern science etc. are all evolved from Bible history.
Almost, all persons even those who are ardent anti-Christians, non-religious, other religions, rationalists, atheists, agnostics, all races and all countries in the world, without even a glimpse of the Bible are following what is established by the Bible, but, unknowingly.
You are an ardent follower of Bible without being aware of it;
Bible, Bible, Bible, everywhere! Innumerable versions!
least people grasped its real meaning !?!
 The same Bible, read by many generations, read by the world, read many times, even by scholars, deal with concepts different from what have been visualized! Bible holds many things that churches do not teach, and teach many additional things as if having in it. You won’t believe your senses and acquired concepts while reading history and Bible with the guidance of this book.
Old Testament deals with established land-lord-slavery system,
monopoly, imperialism, wars, invasion, governing system formed to kingdom, history of kings, judicial system by priesthood etc.
New Testament of Jesus deals with history of restoring the kingdom of Israel after a break period, bringing Old Testament to perfection; by corner meetings, rallies, fund collection and strikes a democratic rule by socialist party of people of lower level .
All the churches are built on the same foundation, founded by the church-father Saul the fraud apostle in the cloth of Paul, who formed a Neo Testament, based on the priesthood hierarchy by Moses, brought to perfection, rather Jesus attempted against it.
What is taught by Paul is against what Jesus taught, oppose each other. He also worked against the apostles of Jesus.
 The whole modern world follows Bible without knowing the history.
Bible has an overall concept, and meaning,
so that interpretations must fit everywhere when cross referencing.
What is plainly written in Bible is isolated and discreetly misinterpreted in different ways, deviated from the overall meaning, forms the different faiths and thereby results in different churches. Its followers are with blind faith, like flock, without considering the idea of the writing, the coded rural language of conversations,
how contexts fit in the main idea
or even what the plain language means in its ordinary sense.
Major Contradictions to Religion
 !> As taught by churches, God and Jesus possess qualities, such as ideal, creative power, omnipotence, omniscience, justice, etc. are not mentioned in the Bibles, they are only family gods. The god ordered to give offering to him and Aza’zel equally, which means they are equal.
 !> The creations in the first part of Genesis are claims for the ownership, documented earth, to form a LandLord-slave system, for making plantations, that led to monopoly over nature and imperialism. The devils, hell and purgatory are further creations for threat and earning.
 !> Adam and Eve were posted in the fruit-plantation of Eden to till and keep it on fruit-food for work basis. It means they were only slaves in plantation. There is no paradise with all pleasures seen in the Genesis.
 !> Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, not for eating the fruit from the “tree of knowledge”, but to prevent them eating fruit from the “tree of life”, and so there is no such “first sin”.
 !> What serpent said was right and Lord was wrong by Lord’s own witness.
 !> Abel who gave the pleased offering was not protected by the Lord. Adam and Eve were not the first humans in the world. There were other races of “man” and races of Land Lords, their sons were dealing with daughters of slave’s race, as done in the present time.
 !>The wife of Abram was his own sister, they got wealth by presenting Sarai to Pharao, Abimelek and Land-Lord, but claiming it as the gift of god.
 !> Jacob made wealth by supplanting his own father Isaac, brother Esau, and his father-in-law Laban. By defeating God he got the name “Israel”.
 !> It was really the people of Jacob who enslaved Egyptians, due to the cordial welcome by Pharaoh to Egypt. They multiplied to multitudes using sex weapon, became threat to the host country so that they were compelled to give them hard work against the threat.
 !> The God of the race compelled to rob their host country in the reverse way, they were cordially welcomed and they were given shelter, this is the great tradition and custom of Pasch (Passover) of revenge-thanks.
 !> The God of warriors invaded the elaborate minded countries who gave shelter and wives for Moses, and established the kingdom of Israel. The plunders were purified by simple means.
Virgins were kept in virgin-dwelts for the use of governing body.
 !> The very first verse in New Testament is wrong. The ancestry by Luke is different. The ancestry is not that of Jesus, he is not grand son of Abraham or David or an Israelite. He is son of the most high Lord.
 !> Prophet John attempted to release Israel through the atonement of sin by baptizing. Jesus followed his way. He was not the preparer of the way for Jesus. He directed people to Jesus, for escape from making him king.
 !> The temptation in the wilderness was the test done by Aza’zel. Jesus was unfit as a scape goat, and he was rejected, so that there is no atonement. (see Old Testament - Leviticus-sin-offering.)
 !> Jesus worked for the release of Israel from slavery, and to restore the dominion of Israel only; not for the world. The twelve apostles represented the twelve houses of Israel. He was not a moralist. He was known born in an immoral tradition, and worked for restoring it, as sinner’s leader not of just. What he said appears as if moral when selected statements, misinterpreted with isolated meaning, deviated from the flow of history.
 !>The teachings of Jesus were based on Old Testament, worked for its fulfillment with refinement. His preaching was political to become their king.
 !> The father of all Jews is said as God. Jesus was only one among the Jews-gods. The only mark given by him for he was God is not fulfilled.
 !> Jesus did not do any miracle, only shows, done among low class public, for giving them courage to resist priests. He did not do any miracle even when most needed. The apostles purposefully learned to believe it.
 !>Jesus was the son of the most high Lord Augustus Caesar in virgin Mary, resided in virgin dwelt, a prince among ordinary men. By naming convention he got the name Jusus, same as Julius, father of Augustus.
 !> Judas betrayed Jesus by the errand from Jesus only, who waited in the same appointed location. Even the gang hesitated to catch Jesus, but he went out to persuade to be caught, in effect he betrayed Judas to death.
 !> Pilate as a judge in the court tried his best to liberate Jesus, but Jesus did not cooperate to be liberated.
 !> The crucifixion was pre-planned by Jesus along with a planning wing. Necodemus was an officer of the ruling front and also he was one of the followers and planners of Jesus. It was pre-ordained to fulfill a fictitious book of prophecy as a deliberate attempt. It was only a virtual show. After anointed as a king, if he was crucified, a rebellion was expected, which might provide way for Romans to come and make the end of Jerusalem temple and the priests. Then Jesus could have got the offered throne.
 !> Jesus did not die on gallows the cross. Execution and provision for escape were by pre-planned and pre-ordained ways and it was escorted and presided by a planning wing with Nicodemus an officer. Gallows and gibbet in Old Testament are renamed as cross to hide its real meaning.
 !> The plan of Jesus was obstructed by Saul disguised as a fraud apostle Paul, so that there was no rebellion, therefore no operation on Jerusalem Temple by Romans. Jesus could not come back and take the throne of Jerusalem, which was offered by his father the most high to give him birth. The fruitless plan shrunk to the present Christian religions.
 !>The persecutor Saul was disguised as Priest Paul after ailment. He adapted himself in the particular situation of ailment to continue inquisition of followers of Jesus. All of the modern churches and Christianities are working on the principles of Paul, not of Jesus. It is only against the teachings and works of Jesus which was based on Old Testament. Paul is the grand church-father of Christian churches and Neo inquisitions.
 !> Paul taught against what taught by Jesus, against Old Testament. He was rebellious to the twelve apostles. He was a fraud apostle. He degraded Jesus to a victim, raised himself priest and apostle. Paul did not attempt for the welfare of gentiles rather than their’ own.
 !> Jesus was not incarnation of God, crucified not for the atonement from first sin as if said as offered to Adam and Eve. There is no such first sin, any such offer or atonement for sin by the passion or by baptization.
 !> After the crucifixion play, there is possibility seen in Bible for Jesus having a family life along with Mary Magdalene. The Albegensian crusade is also its circumstantial evidence.
 !> Only a few persons in the world could understand the most popularized.
Contradictions to the World History.
 !> Almost all churches teach Bible, with some additions, avoiding real facts, or misinterpreting real facts, and it is made a religious book. But Bible history forms the foundation of world history, for the last five thousand years when read as it is. The present prominent world history is entirely depending on Bible history, the written world history is without this base.
 !> The creation of universe and the world in the first part of Genesis is only a claim for the ownership of universe for its documentation; which led to sub-documentation, invasion, wars, slavery system, colonization and imperialism existing in the world. The present land documentation system is its inheritance and sub-documentation.
 !> Nature gods were replaced by supernatural gods, which has led to the destruction of nature, by his order, to eat multiply and subdue earth. so that human race degraded to the worms and pests of earth than “superior”.
 !> Robbery and battles were authorized by the God of warriors. Established regiments, governing systems. Almost all —isms formed from it.
The present type of judiciary were introduced by Moses in God’s name. The written books established them in the world.  
!> Present type of party-democracy by the leader of sinners was established first by Jesus. Almost all people in the world follow what Bible taught first so that they are followers of Bible or even Christians by following Jesus without their own knowledge.
 !> The origin of genuine knowledge is Ancient Hermits, which was baptized by re—search started re-new-science and re—formation. After robbery and purification, distributed unrighteous mammon to make friends, formed the modern education system; Misusing it is the reason for degradation and termination of eco-systems on earth.
Welcome for the readers thinking logically to the hidden treasures of real history. Bible is the only, basic, reliable scripture dealing with LordGod and Jesus. The Bible scripture is written in plain simple language. The meaning of words seen in dictionary does not fit for most of the words so that most of the translations of Bible are wrong. There are at least six thousand different versions for the only Bible, each claiming that it is the only right one, and theirs is the original God. It led to the formation of at least two thousand different faiths. The world do not know the real meaning of Bible. Here, the most relevant parts from Bible are quoted as extract and it is presented in the crude form, which are self explanatory and also, notes are given. The extract is mostly quoted from old, authorized and signed versions, “translation from Latin Vulgate, in the light of Hebrew and Greek originals”. The different parts of this Bible fit mutually and clarify the facts while other versions conflict each other even in itself which is compensated by blind faith. When read it repeatedly, you will find every reading with new meaning, new light, informative, useful and wonderful. World history targets the future of the world, which indicate the aim of individual life.
This book is a guidance to read the Bible based on the following concepts>
1. The church upholds a stern approach towards the scripture, which is taken as a base factor.
revelation 22: 18 To all who hear the words of prophecy the book contains, I give this warning. If anyone adds to them, God will add to his punishment the plague which this book threatens; and if anyone cancels a word in this book of prophecy, God will cancel his share in the book of life, in the holy city, in all that the book promises.
In common practice, the Bible scripture is commented in many ways isolatedly, But it must fit throughout Bible in different contexts of events, statements and framework of flow of history fitting with circumstantial evidences. By adding and avoiding many things in the Bible, and bending it, more than six thousand versions and more than two thousand, five hundred types of faiths have formed. If we actually read Bible as it is, without adding anything to it, and avoiding anything from it, then whatever it is, it is it. In usual system when teaching any subject in any book, it is not appropriate to avoid many things deliberately then teach as if they are not present in that book, also add many things to it and teach as if it is present in that book. It is transformed to a different one. By this attachment, detachment, and misinterpretation, as by revelation 22: 18, the believers are not fit to be followers of Bible, but just come under the category, eligible for punishment and with no share in the Bible. They are only followers of traditions and teachings, transformed to blind faith, which are against the contents and concepts of the Bible.
2. The Bible history itself has a flow of history, which forms a main framework on which the rest of the world’s history is established for the last five thousand years. There are many versions available for the Bible but the changes in verses in it do not fit in the same Bible or on the main framework of, either Bible history or world history.
3. The Bible has a flow of history, and continuation only with Old and New Testaments combined; any interpretation must fit in cross references of New and Old Testaments and in agreement with each other. Isolated commentaries and interpretations are unfit on the main framework of flow of history. New Testament becomes baseless if Old Testament is avoided.
It is the history of establishing and continuation of the Israel kingdom. The chapters in the Old Testament are also about its leaders. Judges are weak leaders. Kings are powerful leaders. Prophets are leaders without power when Israel was under slavery, there was a break in leadership. Prophet John attempted to restore the dominion of Israel. Jesus was included in the ancestry and anointed as king. As a whole there is a continuation in history.
Without Old Testament, there is no meaning for New Testament and it is baseless, also cannot be understood in its original form. History, events, proceedings, teachings by Jesus in New Testament are only updated from Old Testament. The faiths and the traditions, founded, based on God Lord Father, his creations, earth, heaven, Sabbath his day, devils, humans, first sin, need of redemption by son God Jesus, baptism, ancestry, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, priests, Noe, populations, laws, Testament as a whole, become myth and cheating by avoiding it. Fatherhood of Jesus, the ancestry stated from Adam, becomes mere blind faith, symbolism or myth. Prophecy is avoided. All the souls, their life believed in the faiths, offerings given are cheated without any hope. Foundation of churches becomes myth. St. Paul was caught was caught by Christians to kill him for teaching against Old Testament. The history of the world for the last five thousand years based on Bible history vanishes, history is irreversible. There may have systems first introduced in the world but it was established into world history mostly by the traditional Bible history, so that it cannot be myth, the concepts are different from traditions and teachings.
After reading the Bible, many of the believers argue that it is stupid, cheating illogical, irrelevant or baseless imaginations. But it is the relevant and base history, upon which the history of the world for the last five thousand years was established and propagated and it cannot be reversed. When Bible is read in its original meaning there are only rare things unbelievable in it for a logical thinker, which is usual as in any history.
4. The world history itself is narrated without this foundation so that it is also baseless and contradictory. If the history of the world is cross referenced along with the Bible history, it can be seen linked everywhere and then only do we get the real world history. Semitic history controlled, history of the world for the last five thousand years; Its after effects control the present or it is the after effects and the same will control the future of the world. So, world history also, must be taken into consideration for explanation of Bible.
5. The last part ‘further history’ is an attached part to the extract as part of world history, compares the Bible history to the real history of nature, as said by the ancient hermits. It leads to foresee the future, which is the use of history.
Earlier formations of the Bible
Before the printing press came to existence, history, tradition, belief and faith all were orally transmitted. After that, the scripture was inscribed in scrolls of goat’s skin and papyrus. Chapters in Bible were selected and verses were numbered in fourth century. Printing started only in sixteenth century. The versions of Bible now available began to appear about five hundred years ago, after the crusades and inquisition by churches and after seizing and destroying older versions of Bible. Previously, reading the Bible was prohibited; possessing, reading and hearing from the Bible were serious sins. Those who owned Bible were subjected to inquisition and executed. After the period of crusades and inquisition, older versions with corrections at important places, the Hebrew and Greek Bibles were reproduced, claiming that those were the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic Bibles. Each Christian division claims that their’ own is the only original one. Older versions can only express the approximate meaning, fit throughout in cross reference and do not conflict in itself.
Everybody has to study Bible to realize >
>The present events in the world; the present history of the world; documentation of nature, sole proprietorship of lands, robbery, invasion, wars and colonialism;
> A robbing system, after massacre, robbery and invasion, was undergone evolution into countries and government systems of the world; Parliament, Executive and judicial system, political, religious, and offence-defense based arm-y was systematically first made by Moses. The Judiciary made by Moses was meant for protecting sinners; there were special places of escape, reserved for killers. It is the system still prevailing in the world without much change. System of importance for money was established.
> Starting of the present type of party(demo)cracy was first formulated by Jesus, the majority of low class of sinners called a party, forms a government, excluding the just and able who are minority. Its followers are all Christians, because the followers of Jesus Christ are called Christians. However the original democracy was first formulated in Greece earlier.
 The two major races of the world the super race and nature friendly race; the caste system, composed of four color castes existing in the world was originated in the Bible history area.
> History of the current polluting science and arts; It is followed by everybody in turn without one’s own knowledge. So everybody follows Bible. History of science and knowledge, the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil, actually education is forbidden.
> Study of Kaliyugam and destruction of biosphere and nature of the world; History of religions - difference between God of nature, heavenly God and Godlessness.
The nature and nature Gods are degrading and struggling for existence in nature, after the appearance of Semitic God over the solid vault dome sky or God in heaven, who claimed the ownership of universe. God was separated from nature and it is degraded to his plantation. It caused the evolution of Godlessness; so it is also from Semitic Gods.
Bible contains claim and after-history of ownership and slavery. In the history of five thousand years robbing races claimed and they acted as if God’s own people. They claimed that, the world and everything in it is their own and attempt to become Lord Gods. It is claimed as if inherited from their LandLord God Father and claim further inherited by partitioning and the ownership is continued through subsequent sub-documents. The Landlord to whom the slave was giving offering for hire of land was died, but giving offering was continued. There appeared Levite priests as intermediate handler. All other races in the world have to do hard work for them. They compel to make deeds with them to be enslaved. Wars were conducted in the name of God, and the wealths were robbed. After robbing, everything was purified. Humans were purified by dipping in water. It is termed Baptism. Then they attempted to get atonement.
Bible is the history of Semitic Gods, God of Israel, and their interaction with others called gentiles. Old Testament is the history of foundation of Israel and their enslavement. The main part is that, the Israelites along with the God of warriors invaded Canaan and its vicinity and established the kingdom of Israel, for the residing place for the race of twelve sons of Jacob, claiming that their own God made the whole world and accusing that they did not obey him. Most of the original inhabitants of those places were killed, many of them ran away, and others were made slaves, or lived among them. In due course, the escaped people and the neighboring countries were compelled, to learn and practice battle and became strengthened. They defeated the Israel people, and reversely made them slaves. After a break Baptist John and Jesus attempted to restore the dominion of Israel by redemption as dealt in New Testament.
The background of New Testament is the restoring of the dominion of Israel after a break. They were under double slavery of the priesthood of Levities previously appointed by the God of Israel as well as emperor of Rome the most high Lord. Prophets accused that their slavery was due to sin of Israel. There was no leadership to release them from slavery and to restore the dominion of Israel. Prophet John attempted to redeem the kingdom by baptizing them. The public attempted for making prophet John as their leader but he directed them to Jesus, he also escaped.
Jesus was the son of the most high Lord who promised the kingdom through his angel, to his mother and also later to his guardian, for his birth. Jesus was known as born with an ancestry of Jews by guardianship of a Jew only. Even though Jesus was not a Jew he was made Jew by circumscribing, he followed the tradition and customs of Israel and was known as a Jew. He attempted to get his father’s property at the age of twelve from the Levite priests but failed. He was inspired by the book of prophecy seen in his early ages in synagogues, and he wanted tracking the prophecy with misinterpretations, to catch hold of the authority. He appointed twelve apostles for the representation of the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus along with people who wanted to come the kingdom of Israel, planned on a mountain for achievement of crucifixion and escape. For that he was anointed as king of Israel and the plan was executed with pre-ordained procedure. But Saul as a fraud apostle opposed Jesus and so the plan did not work. The fruitless plan degraded to the present Christian religions. Due to inspiration given by him and Saul, the Old Testament was continued and repeated after a long break, history was deviated, led the whole world into dark ages of war, slavery, invasion, beliefs, ignorance and superstition.
Bible history is the starting place, controlling centre and nucleus of wars, which infected the whole world, and compelled it to involve in wars and making weapons. The Biblical God is a jealous God of warriors without pity over gentiles for their goodness. By following Bible, sinners, cheaters and robbers, who have the majority, could wield power and rule over nature, intellectuals, wise, and all those who are fundamental participants of human society, and also all inhabitants of nature are made their slaves. Eat, multiply, and subdue earth is their policy. After all what they want to make is a very good image in the society, by hiding in faith.
Bible compelled to destroy the biosphere in a short duration, after its prolonged life in the universe. God in Bible has achieved this goal up to now for the core of biosphere has already been destroyed and only irrelevant parts are remaining. The weapons are ignorance, an imaginary document for the ownership of the biosphere, a deed for LandLord and slavery in plantations, battle, invasion, and then the policy, “eat, multiply, and subdue earth” by doing sins and then making an appearance of atonement. All the winners in the race are the present defeaters and become defeated in due course. God in Bible is also the spirit (not soul) of the modern world, called by ancient hermits as Kali, existing in the mind of human race, with or without any religion.
 Origin of super race
Human race originated around Mediterranean, in very vast forest with many types of ecosystems from different races of human like animals. Ice age during 100,000 to 50,000 years formed and changed seas, deserts, grass lands and forest remains, differentiated humans into many races, also by migration mainly two types of races remained, indigenous race in Asia and super race in Europe. The other races migrated were, Nigro, Pigmy, Capri, Mongolians, Red Indians, Dravidians, Andamanees, Eskimos etc. These major aborigine races continued their life as before ice age, living friendly with nature while the super races were living in ice, without interaction with nature - called as superiors with cloths became super races. This type of living systems formed two distinct types of races, a major type lived indulged in nature and found nature as their God and another found nature as their enemy formed supernatural Gods. One race became lovers of nature and the other became destroyers of nature. Likewise, two types of Gods were also evolved, the Gods of nature, and anti-nature Gods from which formed Godless religions.
The Lord in the Bible and his race came to Semitic area by invasion, started plantations, colonizing and producing hybrids everywhere. This history is the reason for all the present events, as its continuation. So it is the foundation of history still prevailing all over other histories and which is the unnoticed but most relevant history. Bible contains a history, of the interaction of two races, nature friendly races were living in harmony with nature, and super races were living in anti-natural ways. Even though Semitic is described as Afro-Asian, it really the interaction of African-Asian-European race system. The God in Bible represents super race characteristics and Adam and Eve represent Asian, nature friendly characteristics. The word Semitic is Afro-Asian but Aryan-Europeans interfered on Semitic region, and then escaped after naming as Semitic. It is Aryan-European-Asian-African hybrid. Distinct differences between nature friendly races and anti-natural super races are:-
1 The environment is hot with sun rays, naturally growing plants, and forests; almost no need of clothing.
1 The environment is icy nature, and clothing with complete covering of the body is needed.
Note:- This part is indicated in Genesis, Adam and Eve started wearing cloth after eating the fruit of identifying good and evil. Here started the formation of hybrid thoughts, imitation esp. of dressing without knowing the purpose.
2 Worshipping natural Gods. These Gods are the internal energy, prevailing in each and every micro and macro bodies; meant for everlasting life on earth.
2 The God is the only heavenly-God as spirits residing in heaven, over a solid vault foundation, claim everything on earth below the dome sky as if his plantation, and living with enjoyment of all pleasures. He offers after life in heaven for humans who work hard in his plantation tolerating all persecutions.
Note:- When God was detached from nature, all types of crimes could be done on earth, which led to the evolution of Godlessness theory from struggle against God’s own people.
3 The natural wealth is common property. Living as other inhabitants balanced with natural resources in nature without document, agriculture or commerce.
3 The earth is made under sole proprietorship by documentation of creation of universe.
4 Human races were part of nature, its biodiversity and biological equilibrium, controlled by nature.
4 The heavenly God commanded human race to increase, multiply and subdue earth. Human race is considered as if supreme authority over nature. All natural things and whole universe are made for Humans - for eating and to do sexual activities. They attempt to control nature.
5 The living means were collected from nature in its natural form from its abundance; only from what is extra in nature; lived as part of nature one among the other inhabitants. Seeds of biodiversity were preserved.
5 The living means are collected from nature by destruction of participants of nature. Other animals and plants becoming scarce, along with multiplication of population leading to migration, plantation, agriculture which is slavery of plants, animal husbandry, which is slavery of animals and then human slavery, invasion, robbery, battles etc.
6 Inferiority complex, indebtedness, elaborate open mind, kind heartedness liberated from vast nature.
6 Superiority complex, Sole proprietor, nutshell mind, cruel, carnivore, team work policy, with common sense just only for hunting.
7 Expenditure of living is very least, in harmony with nature, so that efficiency of life is in accordance with aim of nature comes under essential, and need so that life is efficient.
7 Extravagant living destroying nature, so that efficiency and meaning of life is negative, so that humans become pests of nature. Lavish and misuse. Still interpreted as ‘highly earned’ and developed.
Bible is the most important book of world history of five thousand years, still of destruction of nature by the people of God. In this history, there is a heavenly God, world is his plantation and there are colonies of slaves whipped and wiped by the God’s whip and sword holders. It is continuing and there is tendency to continue it in different forms, names and ideologies.
When you read from the start you may see some starting trouble. You may read the important points alone for the first reading. Don’t worry just proceed till you come to the path, then you will find it highly interesting when re-reading and entering the context. Don’t ignore that Bible is the most misunderstood book in the long past, and you are attempting it to gain it.
. . . continued in the part Grand summary.
PART 2            
The Bible is the most relevant history of foundation of the world for the last five thousand years, in a way that it has an important historical aspect and a religious aspect. It is the root and route of modern world history. The working principle of the modern age can only be described with the help of this foundation. Land ownership-slavery system, governing systems, innumerable —isms, judicial system, invasions, world wars, colonialism, renaissance, modern science, democracy, and even atheism are its after effects. The written world history did not take this history into consideration so it is misleading, and not real.
In the first part of the Bible, the supernatural God in heaven claimed and made a document for the ownership of universe and established monopoly over ‘world’. Then, the powerful God is seen as helpless Lord with representative LandLords who made a deed of agreement for slavery with humble people. Adam and Eve were the first slaves worked in the plantation of Lord. They were supposed to till, keep and irrigate the plantation on fruit-food for work basis with warning of death in the same day if they ate the fruit of “the tree of knowledge”. It was not Paradise with all pleasures but only plantation needed tilling and keeping. Adam and Eve ate fruit from one of the trees and they became as “Lords”. They were banished from Eden in order to prevent them from eating the fruit of “the tree of life” and becoming long living. What the serpent said was correct over what Lord said, by the witness of Lord himself. Their son Cain was given protection from other people, instead of robbing him of the ground. He gave offering as previously offered for hire of the land. The LandLord’s race produced hybrids on earth with slave’s race.
Offering was given by Noe, through burned flesh and Lord was very pleased by it, left humans in their way of sins. Eventhough The Landlord was dead the offering by the slaves were continued as offered for hire of the land. In the absence of the Lord for he became God in heaven, his handler persons named priests were formed as intermediate to handle the deeds of offerings.
Abram and Lot departed from Chaldea, the place of worshippers of nature, presided by supernatural God. The God of warriors in Old Testament established the dominion of Israel by battle, robbery and invasion. Eat, multiply and subdue, which means sex and population bombing are their most important weapons. The resident people were worshipping Gods of nature or may be having an ignorance of any other worship. Moses made written documents for governing systems, judiciary, and religious offerings. Then by invasion, kingdom of Israel was established with Semitic religions worshipping supernatural Gods. Kings were appointed by the order of God of Israel. In the governing systems religions, king, warriors, and judiciary worked as a single system. A caste system composed of four castes, the priests, warriors, peasants & traders and slavery was established and propagated all over the world.
The systems made by Lord underwent decay by its own laws after the son of Solomon. The defeated fled away people gained strength in battle and came back to get back their resided places and in turn defeated the invaders; Israel people were made slaves in reverse. It was said by prophets that the slavery was due to the sin of Israel against their God.
Prophet John attempted to restore the dominion of Israel by purifying people from sin. Jesus also attached to him, and he found that the people were seeking for a leader for Israel.
Jesus was born in this tradition of invaders, warriors and colonialists in the slave condition. He was a non-Jew. His mother was an Aramaya virgin kept in virgin dwelt for the use of rulers. By circumstantial evidence, he was the son of the most high, the emperor. His guardian was a Jew named Joseph a carpenter. At the age of twelve, Jesus attempted to get authorization on Jerusalem temple, his father’s property but the priests did not approve him. Jesus at the age of thirty, attempted for atonement for the sin of Israelites, by offering himself to Aza’zel, an associate of God, as stated by the Bible God himself for their atonement. The first attempt failed. On a second occasion, Jesus attempted to restore the dominion of Israel and re-establish this Old Testament of Moses with perfection, politically and become their king thereby get his fathers property. His teachings were within the scope of slavery, practical in the slave condition. He found that the reason for slavery was the Levite priests.
Old Testament deals with land-lord slave system, robbery, invasion etc. The prominent tradition of Bible, both of Old Testament and New are highly immoral. Instead of morality, Jesus taught certain tricks such as love each other, be patient, love your brother-Israelites etc. which were the only alternatives in the particular condition of slavery. It was only political policy, rather than morality, which he made as a political technology. Jesus plainly taught immorality, such as ‘with unrighteous mammon you make friends’; ‘he came not for making peace on earth, but to make quarrel each other’; ‘he came not for the just but for the sinners’. When he sent disciples among his own people he said ‘not to take purse or bag’ but when sent them among gentiles he said ‘to buy sword by selling cloak’. He did not promise or tell that he would protect gentiles; instead he was contemptuous of gentiles.
The teaching of Old Testament with refinement is the greatest disaster of the world. By the works of Jesus the people under slavery were released and the history was continued after a break. His theory is most welcomed by the sinners who want hiding place and social status. Their tradition is making wealth by robbing nature and robbing other people. They have a keen attention and responsibility to give revenge-thanks to those who help them, from where they got luck, the tradition is the custom of Pasch. The sinners got chance to wield power on the just, that social setup was formed through partycracy by Jesus. For the living sinners, this tradition is very attractive, for the reason that, sinners appear as have obtained atonement after any types of immorality. Sinners who lived with hope of reaching heaven, done as much as sins and appeared as got atonement, who lost their body, but could not reach the fictitious heaven over the ‘dome sky’, lost their hopes, became evil spirits. These sinners convey luck from other sources, the living sinners who get it claim as gift of God.
Jesus along with planning wing made plan on a hill and it was conducted. By making a divine appearance among the public, anointed himself as king of Israel and conducted performance in Jerusalem temple, on the back of a donkey which was the tradition for anointing. His ministry was formed with hundred and twenty members. Then by tracking a fictitious prophecy, by pre-ordained procedure he achieved crucifixion. The time of execution of their plan was aligned to the preparation time of Pasch which is the time of least care for Jews. It was aligned by a betrayal by the most faithful man, the treasurer of the party. Jesus was actually conducted a deliberate attempt, on gallows, and he escaped with the help of one of the officers of rule, Nicodemus; made an appearance of crucifixion. He said to make propaganda that the anointed king of Israel was killed by the priests. He went temporarily to some other place, through mount Olivet after telling them that he would come again, and said to wait till attaining the result of the plan, to take charge of the king. What Jesus expected was, a rebellion by the public, then Romans would come, kill the priests and make the end of Jerusalem temple.
The plan was obstructed by Saul in the label of Paul as a fraud. He made strict separation between his own race and gentiles, and restricted to give propaganda only within the twelve tribes of Israel. Saul became the chief priest of offering of gentiles to the God of Israel. Paul the Saul who ridiculingly said in the name of saints of Jesus collected huge funds from gentiles and the tradition is still going on. What Paul taught is against what Jesus taught and he was rebellious to the apostles of Jesus. Romans came only very late, in A.D. 70. The aborted plan converted into Christian religions by the Neo definitions given by Paul, compensating illogical interpretations by faith. All churches are working basically on the same foundation made by Paul, however only appearing as different. All of them are contradictions to what Bible does mention, and what Jesus taught. What followed is, by hiding facts, enhancing ugly, and attaching attractive immaterial, the traditions are made up to ‘beliefs’. However the teachings of Paul conduct the whole world to real gallows. The plan of Paul was working with a holy spirit to restore the holy land, the dominion of Israel, restoring the history, as in Old Testament; after a break. It started Crusade, inquisition, invasion, robbery & purification, slavery, superstitions and world wars swallowed the whole world. The system of giving Gentiles as offerings to the God of Israel, is still going on.
It is the usual proceeding of modern world, -gathering behind a named ideal person as followers, imitators and frauds. Almost all modern established groups are formed in this way. At first they claim all good qualities to the ideal person and streaming behind him for selfish profits and also for hiding behind. People with similar aim add to them. Usually innocent people cannot identify them, by misleading they also attach themselves to them which acquires credit to the group and enlarge their hiding places. Here Jesus is made ideal, idle, and idol by the fraud imitators, claiming as followers. Divine qualities are claimed over him and trapping people with good qualities. This idea may be elaborately established in the modern world from the Neo Testament of Saul-Paul.
During the time of attack by the God of warriors, a group of Ariyans entered India also. They established the same systems prevailing in the Semitic area. There were existing Gruhasthasramam, 64 arts, the technologies as traditional jobs. Ancient hermits of India discovered the Vedams: the wisdom of universe; Upanishads: the wisdom of body; Astronomy: wisdom of cosmos, etc as vedam, vidya and arts. All the visualizing images of Gods and Goddesses by hermits are symbolisms of wisdom of nature. Aryans documented them and made them their own and restricted to study by the race of hermits. The races of Hermits were made slaves and gradually Hermits disappeared. This system made a background for transportation of the scripts to Europe. After invasions, the scripts were re’-searched, and by renew’-science (re-nais-sance), started re’-formation. Biosphere is highly degraded due to the study and application of modern science, but hermits studied it leaving as it was, also predicted of the destruction. Modern science can reach upto the ancient one no more.
This period is what ancient hermits or Maha-Rishis of Bharatham mentioned as Kali-Yugam, warned all symptoms of destruction, for which they suggested to do compensation. Nature attempts to attain its equilibrium, first in Satwagunam, then in Rajogunam and in Thamogunam. The other forms which would have been led to equilibrium were indicated by ancient hermits. The organized communities did not pay attention to the warning and boasted themselves as men of superior abilities, due to the depth, width and height of egos, and ignorance. That is why Maha-Rishis stated it as the Yugam with humans doing ‘against what is to be done’, ‘the period with most ignorant people, yet boasting as supreme’. Monkeys were ridiculed ‘as garland-got monkeys’; instead they think ‘as biosphere-got humans’. The bi-sharp sword of scientific discoveries, by making available to people who did not know real science who lavishly used, just for instant’s misuse, even became its authorities, assured destruction. It was established from Numbers 31:22-24. It was prohibited by hermits and they did not even use it also hided it from future misuses. They only worshipped and preserved nature without hurting. Actually there is no mental or physical development rather than imitations without knowing the real use of science, which prevents the facilities from reaching the appropriate persons, but promotes making them slaves. The grand total of the life of civilized humans are the earnings of the name ‘well equipped pests and worms’, wasters of nature with modern facilities, is the meaning, of life in the long run, left a dark future, eating the seeds, preserved for future by the ancients. Modern education and development system under leaders, as continuation of documentation are full swing exploitation and wasting of nature, and its imitations.
 A document is an established agreement system, in community and among persons, instead of offering facilities and natural resources for personal use, for the fulfillment of highly noble causes, must give it back to be available to the society and aggregate in the treasure of natural resources. A society is driven by naturally established ideologies, as community-agreements, changed or refined by geniuses; it is followed by public, in which there also come imitators and frauds in democratic systems become rulers with the support or ignorance of the public. Most important documents are of preservation of natural resources for common purpose, area wise protection, ownership of property and labor, money, law and order, ideologies, marriage, roads, etc. The total of these agreements are planned, and executed by leaders and followed by subsequent leaders through a constitution.
These agreements naturally decay and the system gradually collapse, by the non-fulfillment, disabled and selfish use or misuse of the agreement in increments of order, by persons, society, or leaders. Making it available to the public for lavish catering and giving only negatives back to the treasure, leads to mass destruction. Overpopulation of this type of public makes imbalance of natural resources and increase of consumption. The grand total treasure of noble things is called civilization of a society, and its members are essentially civilians, and their earnings will be available to the whole world. These things make a history for the world, which creates its fate also. As the strength of a chain is the strength of the weakest link, the fate of the world is vested in the weakest civilization or its negative criminalization applied on biosphere.
Bible is the fossil of history and foundation of history on which real history of the whole world is constructed for the last five thousand years, and what is taught as world history has no foundation or importance. In the history of nature, there are nature friendly and anti-natural races in the world irrespective of country, religion, or caste. They are representations of God of creation and God of destruction. The latter is conducted by the Bible God. What Bible God is doing is Thamogunam form of balance of nature by the destruction of the created. The Bible history tells a prolonged well arranged, systematically planned destruction program, so that it is also divine, which leads to equilibrium through Thamogunam. Bible contains knowledge of history of the world, in which Kali is doing destruction of nature, so that Bible is KaliVedam. Whatever it is, it is the divine destructive power attempting to retain equilibrium by destroying the surplus. Inhabitants are fated to obey the laws of nature in the process of sustaining biosphere. The Bible Lord is the executer of Lord Sivan the God of destruction. What is seen in nature is the great destructive dance of Lord Sivan with navavueham, and it is responded by Durga with navarasam.
The term Semitic is Afro-Asian. Semitic is a swing between Africa and Asia, around Mediterranean and Red sea, which is the place of origin of human race, or it is the sexual part of Nature-Mother-Earth for the birth of humans. Africa was shaved off arguing that it was a dark continent. From the origin itself started destruction by the interaction of anti-nature. The Semitic gods are spirits evolved from nature, by the swing between nature and anti-nature. Overproduction changed man to worms of nature, which demanded destruction, and it is a message given by nature. Africa and India are similiar in shape and the history in Semitic area is said from Manasasaras of Bharatham. The Bible contains history and it is preserved as fossil of history by people with faith as it is, if nothing added or avoided. That is why there is warning in the revelation. It tells of origin of Kali Devan form of Lord Siven who is doing the great destruction dance Sivathandavam in the period Krishnam. There is nothing happening in nature without a cause and nature cannot be wrong because earth is Mother Durga, she has very long experience.
These are to be searched in the next books of sustain biosphere series.
Back of the Book
Persons with only a glimpse of some verses in the Bible claim that they know the whole Bible. They are self enthroned as authorized grand masters. The grand total of their sacred rumors are aggregated as traditions. The Bible was available in plenty only during the last century. Different traditions were grown before that without any foundation. There are about six thousand versions and each claimed as the only right one. Most of the versions are equally wrong yet they differ in their own mistakes. They established two thousand five hundred types of different faiths; they are very far from and opposite of the scriptures.
Bible in its old form is written in ordinary language. The lexicon meaning does not fit for the main words and so most translations are wrong. The whole world, including even the scholars who quote the scripture, do not know the real meaning. It is not what Bible does state in its plain simple language. What they teach is not as seen in the Bible and its concept and content are different. Christians are not followers of the Bible and Jesus, rather they are followers of traditions established by S-aul the fraud apostle P-aul who is popularly known as St. Paul.  He also raised himself as the chief priest over Jesus a victim the worthless in offerings. He taught against his teachings and opposed his apostles.
Genuine Bible has a flow of history which formed the main framework of real world history for the last five thousand years. Thus the whole world follows the genuine Bible without their own knowledge. This book is the first, unique, wonderful, guidance, a great rally of contradictions to traditional teachings, upholding crude extract of Bible scripture. This book is meant for truth seekers, historians, researchers, philosophers, intellectuals, ideologists, etc. It leads the readers to get logical answers, to the innumerable critical questions left unanswered in the past, about world history and faith.